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Concrete Moisture Protection

When you think of concrete, you probably don’t think about it getting wet. Surprisingly, concrete is known for building moisture, and while this might not seem like a problem, it absolutely can be when your hardwood floors are resting on top of it. If your concrete isn’t treated in a way that helps to stave off moisture, you are putting your hardwood floors at risk. There is nothing worse than finding out that your beautiful hardwood floors, while stunning on top, have actually rotted out completely on the bottom. This is an unfortunate outcome for many homeowners and results in a sorely lost investment as well as thousands of dollars in repairs. 

At Lorsung Brothers, we consider this form of moisture to be one of the biggest enemies around, which is why we put so much hard work into fighting it. Concrete moisture is something that we take very seriously, so we are always happy to address it when we need to. Whether we are installing brand new flooring for you or helping you with existing floor issues, we are more than prepared to guarantee that none of this pesky moisture can touch your beautiful hardwood floors. Fortunately, our team is well versed in using the Sika System to help keep your floors safe from any moisture. 

The Sika System is a known method of protection for flooring when it comes to moisture management. Sika is a trusted brand that makes a variety of products designed to keep moisture away from various kinds of floors. Water is the most destructive force on this planet, and using the appropriate tools and Sika products, we are ready to stop water before it ever reaches your precious floors. Our team of experts is prepared to make sure that everything is in place to keep your floors safe and sound for years to come so that you never have to worry about rotting floorboards or any other unsightly messes!

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