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Flattening & Laser Leveling Subfloor

Most people think that the only thing that determines how a floor turns out is the floor itself when it is installed. In reality, every hardwood floor is placed on a secondary subfloor. This subfloor acts as the base for the floor to be installed upon. Since the subfloor will act as a starting point for the real hardwood floor, it comes as no surprise that you would want this subfloor to be perfectly even. There are multiple ways to ensure that your floor will be able to rest comfortably on the subfloor. The two most popular options are flattening and leveling with a laser.

Both of these options are good for creating a space for your hardwood floor to comfortably rest upon. The difference is the amount of time it takes, the overall guarantee of quality, and the price. Flattening is a popular option when it comes to making subfloors flat. A flat subfloor will be flattened in all of the primary areas, but might not be completely level. The hardwood floor will rest easily upon a flattened subfloor, but the fact that it is not perfectly even might impact the floor. It could impact how comfortably the hardwood floor rests upon the subfloor, and might alter how it changes over time.

Laser leveling is a more extensive process that is absolutely worth the effort when it comes to preserving your floors. With this approach, a laser level is used to ensure that the subfloor is completely level. This means that your hardwood floor will rest upon a perfectly even surface. You can feel confident in your floor knowing that it has a perfectly level and sturdy base that it is resting upon.

Lorsung Brothers is proud to offer both of these services and offer a promise of quality with either approach!

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