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Laser Cut Parquet

If you are interested in parquet flooring, you might want something that is a cut above the rest. Laser cut parquet is renowned as a style because of the creative opportunities that it offers those designing hardwood floors. When you use a laser to cut the wood for parquetry, you can expect a completely beautiful and sharp and look that is sure to make visitors marvel. We love to use laser cuts for our parquet wood flooring because it lets us really embrace the design side of the process, which means we can offer you even more custom variations for all of your flooring needs.

The reason that laser cut parquetry is so popular is simply because you can tell from a distance how different it is. While traditional parquetry relies on a simple arrangement of shapes to create broader patterns, laser cut variations allow us to make truly custom flooring options. Whether you are looking to add your company logo to your floor, a family crest, or you simply want an incredibly unique design, laser cutting options are absolutely the best way to go about it.

When we use a laser to cut shapes for your flooring, it gives us complete artistic control to make perfect designs every time. We use the laser to cut out the exact shapes that you are looking for, which means you can expect a nice and clean design every time. By pairing this with variations in wood, color, and pattern, we can create some truly stunning effects that will leave you wanting to stare at your new floor for hours. There is no better way to get a professional custom wood flooring experience than to opt for our laser cutting options. It gives you the opportunity to add any shape, design, or logo into your floor. 

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