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Maintenance Services for Urethane Finishes & European Penetrating Finishes

Having the right finish on your hardwood floor is important for preserving the longevity of its lifespan. With the right finish, your hardwood floor can be incredibly resilient to all of the surrounding elements, including physical damage, moisture damage, and more. When it comes to finding the right finish, there are a couple of more popular options. Urethane finishes and penetrating finishes are two of the most common types around. While we use these finishes to protect a floor, they don’t last forever. That is why our team is happy to offer maintenance services for floor finishes as well as floors.

Urethane finishes offer a protective layer on top of the hardwood floor that absorbs damage on its behalf. When your children drop things on the floor or spill drinks, this kind of finish works by providing a barrier on top of the hardwood floor in order to keep it safe. They are resistant to all kinds of damage, but the fact remains that they can be worn down over time. That is why we are happy to help your hardwood floors stay strong by maintaining your finish after it has begun to experience wear.

Penetrating finishes are known for the way that they more wholly integrate with wood. Since they actively seep into the wood, they are incredibly thorough when it comes to increasing the overall integrity of the wood and protecting it at the same time. Often these oils will harden within the wood, and while they are not completely compromised when surface damage is taken, they still need to be maintained to protect the integrity of your hardwood floor as a whole. That is where we come in!

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