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New & Reclaimed French Oak Flooring

French Oak is a hardwood floor material that is beloved by all. This beautiful wood is known for its stunning colors, flawless patterns, and overall pristine appearance. It has been one of the more commonly used wood options for wooden flooring throughout the years, and it is just as popular today as it ever was before. The big distinguishing factor when you choose from French Oak options is whether you want the oak to be new or reclaimed.

New French Oak is French Oak that has been recently grown, manufactured, and designed. This option is great for people who want something that has all of the aesthetic charms of French Oak, but also has that flawless new look that people are so fond of. It is known for being more vibrant, simplistic, and is generally regarded as a beautiful wood flooring option.

Reclaimed French Oak, on the other hand, is French Oak that has been taken from historical architecture and repurposed for your wood flooring options. People love the slightly more rustic feel and appearance of this variation of the French Oak, which is why it is so popular. You can enjoy walking on a floor that has survived for hundreds of years and has been in French homes, mansions, buildings, and more. This variation of French Oak has a tendency to have more character, which is why many people flock to it as an option.

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