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QT Sound Insulation

There are few things worse than being the person at home who is walking through the house at night on a floor that is prone to making noises. Unless you are a ghost trying to scare someone with a creaky floor, chances are that you would like to be able to walk through your home late at night without waking up every single other person in the house. This is why having quality sound insulation is so unbelievably important. The right sound insulation can help you to confidently walk across your floors and rest assured that each footstep will not echo throughout the house.

QT Sound Insulation is the gold standard for insulating floors of all kinds. Hardwood floors are known for being louder than some other flooring alternatives because they are so hard. While carpet tends to easily muffle a footstep, hardwood floors can turn a simple step into a chorus of noise. This is why we like to provide quality insulation to help you to dodge this inconvenience.  When we install a brand-new hardwood floor, we are happy to offer you the best possible product alongside it to keep the noise levels low.

This high-quality form of insulation is known for its great design and ease of use. Not only does QT Sound Insulation make it easy for you to get the best insulation from a sound perspective, but it also has many great features and can be used as a Tile Council. You can use this to simply absorb sound or you can opt for a variation that also works as a secondary vapor barrier, which can be helpful when preserving your wood floors. As an added bonus, this form of insulation is even compatible with radiant floor heating systems. If you live in a big house or a cold area, you might not want your feet to touch ice when you step on your new hardwood floor first thing in the morning. Fortunately, QT Sounds Insulation is compatible with these systems, so whether you add one now or later, your floor will be just fine.

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