Floors Crafted
to Last

Four Generations of Hardwood Artistry

With a heritage spanning four generations, we honor the legacy of our predecessors by offering cutting-edge tailored services to enhance your space. Whether it's revitalizing your cherished corner or embellishing a new space, we excel in transforming floors at any stage. We aspire to craft a canvas that celebrates the unique stories of your home, past and present.

Craftsmanship and Refinishing

Whether you seek a simple floor restoration or a fully custom pre-finished engineered floor, our skilled artisans will collaborate with you to redefine your space. Offering all textures of desired styles from smooth sanded, wire brushed, and custom hand distressed. Modern finishes are used to breathe new life into your floors including European hard wax oils, penetrating oils, and commercial grade waterborne with UV cured finishes.

Subfloor Solutions

A strong foundation is crucial for enduring the test of time. We provide concrete moisture mitigation starting from any substrate; install plywood, pour concrete, flatten and laser leveling of surfaces. Trust our team to create a solid base, setting the stage for impeccable hardwood flooring.

Maintenance Services

Preserve your floors with our expert maintenance services. Our team is dedicated to sustaining the sheen of your investment, offering maintenance programs for meticulous care of urethane finishes and European penetrating finishes. Discover a tailored approach to ensure your floors maintain their brilliance for years to come.

Introducing Rapid Finish: Elevate Your Space with our Exclusive Pro Coat UV Finish

Embrace the next generation of flooring technology and say goodbye to long drying times. In just 2-3 hours, experience a fully cured finished floor, minimizing downtime, and allowing you back into your space sooner than ever. This UV technology also provides a resilient barrier protecting against scuffs, scratches, abrasions, and chemicals.