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At Lorsung Brothers, we chose to help design and install beautiful hardwood floors because it is something that we grew up passionate about. Our team is comprised of hardworking individuals who love to see a room transformed with a new floor in place. We are industry professionals with years of experience who strive to make sure that you love the home that you live in. No matter what change you want in flooring, we are happy to get you there. 

The truth is that we think that our work is fun. We know that it isn’t for everyone, but every person on our team loves what they do and has fun when they do it. You will notice immediately that our team is always in good spirits. We are a collection of likeminded individuals with a commitment to quality and strong attention to detail. These traits bring us together and help us to stay on the same page while we work, which is why we can guarantee perfect quality every single time. 

In this day and age, family businesses aren’t nearly as common, and we know that. We aren’t going to say that this makes us better than some of the other companies around, but we do think that it makes us unique. Our company was started by relatives with a dream, and our family has continued to grow with time. Our family has been at this for four generations, and we are proud to keep the business going! Our group is forged on mutual respect, talent, and hard work. There are plenty of flooring companies in the area, but we know that ours is great, which is why we are proud to stand by our brand. Whether you are ready to jump straight into a new floor or you just have a few questions, the Lorsung Brothers team is happy to help!

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Words From A Client

When I was researching vendors to restore the hardwood floors for our new home, I interviewed several highly rated and established operator-owned vendors. I chose Lorsung Brothers because the estimate was fairly priced but most importantly, the work was going to be detailed and of high quality. I knew that the work was going to be quality by the materials that were going to use and the amount of time that the team was going to put into the project. Other vendors were quoting me half the time it was going to take or overcharging me for commercial-grade materials.

When I met the crew, I knew that I had highly trained craftsmen working on the project. They were meticulous in preparing the house for the work. They were very informative, efficient, and detail-oriented. Restoring hardwood floors properly is very labor-intensive work that requires skilled hands and skilled eyes. These men were artists who sanded away the old coating, fixed damaged planks, and hand-painted certain areas so that the wood floors can look their best. Sometimes it takes great art to achieve the appearance of artlessness.

If you’re looking for a family-owned business that values traditional skilled workmanship, fair prices, and where a handshake still means something, you will find none better than Lorsung Brothers.

- Isabelle

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